Corporations do not dream, laugh, hope, or cry–but in Pennsylvania, they vote.

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Yesterday, Harrisburg’s Patriot-News printed my opinion editorial* about Pennsylvania state legislators who have ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a national organization that acts as the interface between corporate lobbyists who think up and draft their own repulsive legislation (think Stand Your Ground, Right to Work) and the shill legislators who enact it.


Later in the day, public education hero/advocate and blogger (and historian of education and Research Professor of Education at New York University) Diane Ravitch blogged about it. As she knows, ALEC is one of the primary reasons for the ruthless and indefensible attack on public education in this country.

For more information on the evil that is ALEC, do yourself a favor and spend some time at For more information on protesting the upcoming 40th annual ALEC convention in Chicago, check out PFAW’s comprehensive activist toolkit here.

You can read my op ed here.

*Special thanks and kudos to Calvin Sloan at PFAW for all of the heavy lifting.

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One comment on “Corporations do not dream, laugh, hope, or cry–but in Pennsylvania, they vote.
  1. 15 down and 40 more to go! Thanks for making me aware of ALEC. The more ya know…

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